Introducing Track Junkies

Its time to start planning for the new Castrol Raceway road course that opens in May!

I’m sure you’ve heard that the road course at Castrol Raceway is 80% paved, and they are on schedule to open the short 1.3 km track in May and the full 2.7 km track by August. What you may not know is that you can get on the new track with a new track group called Track Junkies.

Track Junkies has secured 12 dates at Castrol for recreational lapping in 2013.  They have a combination of Wednesday evenings and Fridays (one Saturday), with some early-season events on the 1.3km track and later-season events on the full track. And they have booked the track for the Friday before every NASCC race weekend for 2013.

All the details about the group, event formats, and rates are on our website at but the highlights are:

  • Twelve (12) open lapping events booked at Castrol Raceway for the 2013 season, with a couple more in the works
  • Run groups with different passing protocols, ranging from passing on the straights only for more conservative drivers all the way up to open passing anywhere for the most seasoned Track Junkies
  • Friday events offer up to 2.5 hours of scheduled track time per run group (Wednesday evenings offer 1.0 hours minimum per run group)
  • Agreement with NASCC to manage their open lapping sessions on race weekends (4 race weekends, so 8 additional days at 1.0 hours per day of scheduled track time)
  • Track booked for the Friday before each NASCC weekend, which provides four 3-day weekends on the track this season (up to 4.5 hours of potential track time over the weekend) … great for anyone travelling a long distance!
  • Track booked the Friday before the tentative Chump Car weekend.
  • Instruction available … if you are new to track driving Track Junkies can help you get started, or to help experienced drivers learn the line before an upcoming race.
  • Annual memberships are available, with benefits that include: early registration for events, discounted fees at all events (including the 3-day NASCC weekends), and the ability to book into multiple run groups on Fridays and Wednesday evenings Track Junkies lapping events.
  • Using MotorsportReg as the event registration system … very, very easy to use.

When you look at the event calendar, you’ll note several evening events in the early season, but come August it will be full day events on the full 2.7 km track.  The last 1.5 hours of the day will be open track … so up to 2.5 hours of track time of Fridays.  And of course if paving is complete earlier than August we will move all our events up to the FULL 2.7 Km track!

Annual Memberships (access to early booking, discounted fees, and booking into multiple run groups at the same event) are limited to 40 members.  The reason for this low membership cap is that the short track will have a capacity constraint, and we do not want to take so many members that the track is too busy (or worse, that annual members cannot all attend).

So … if you are interested, you can sign up for Annual Membership starting today at (registration for the first event will opens April 18 for members and the week after the car show on April 26 for non-members).

Feel free to share this information with other track enthusiasts, and we’ll see you at the track soon.

Track Junkies is sponsored by Eurasia Automotive.